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These days there is so much caution in working independently and keeping up with the Joneses, especially when you have a small business. 

Now more than ever, and especially if it doesn’t impact your overhead and income too much, try something new. Perhaps repainting of the brick and mortar business you’ve been putting off or redoing a portion of your website that you’ve not had time to tackle. You may have been putting off learning or studying something new to create a different product or service. Now is your time to shine!

Spend a little bit more time expanding on what makes your business yours and what you want it to be. Not only will you feel refreshed once your doors open again, but you may have just created additional income you would have otherwise missed out on.

If nothing else, you have spent your time wisely, remained productive, and are ready to move forward into the future with an updated look, revamped website, or a new skill.  

Educate: You’re customers need you!

You’re selling something. Be it a product or service, you’re offering something to your customers that they need. You also know how to sell it! 

With all the information available online, and with so many people having more time on their hands, their buying power is stronger than ever. They know they want something, but now they will search for the perfect item, at the perfect price/shipping cost, etc, and will likely be seeking you out as a small business to support them. Which is awesome! 

But, this also means you have an opportunity to educate, inform, and to create stronger relationships with your customers. 

Start a newsletter, write or seek out someone to write regular blogs to increase your search engine ranking, and educate your clients. Teach your customers about your products or services. This will increase your website visitors/purchases and will lead to new customers. There are several ways that content can help you shine when there are so many options available. Why not at least try one? What do you have to lose? 

Excite: Show them something they’ve never seen. Offer something that no one else has. 

Many businesses will provide discounts or coupons at different times of the year. Free shipping perhaps? Adding a sample of a new item or providing a free item when they purchase a certain amount? Those are traditional ways to entice customers to buy more. 

If you’ve just released a new product and want to get it out to your current customers, FREE is always going to get noticed. Yes, in the current climate, that may be more difficult to justify, but in the long run, it will increase the size of orders. 

If your focus is about how you make the products, or you get emails/messages from customers who want to learn about your process or service, present it. Social media has so many options for engagement, and you’re in control. Use that control to your benefit. 

When you send your next e-mail/social media post out to your customers, test the waters. Ask your customers if they would be interested in participating in a live Q&A, or present a new product before its launch. Share with your customers, and they will, in turn, support you over time because they are invested in you, your product, and your business. 

Give them something they need, add value and trust in your brand, product, or service. They will continue to purchase, refer friends, and help you build your business.

Your customers want more. Just as you are benefitting from their purchasing power, they are benefitting from your products and services. 

Excite them with new items, time, and just a bit more of you. Build on those relationships. 

By simply providing a little something extra, be it your time (your precious commodity!), or an extra product/service beyond what they expected can be extremely effective in supporting continued success in your business.

There are likely other ways to impact your small business during these strange and ever-changing times. Small changes with a big impact. These are 3 tried and true methods. They will not fail you. You will succeed and continue to be the badass business owner you know you!

There’s no time to lose! Get started today!

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Photo Credit: Unsplash (Maria Ilves)

​Our planet is aching because of all the damage we've done. You know you, and you alone can’t change it overnight. But small changes continued consistently over time can change so much! 

The easiest way to make an impact? Live a life that’s sustainable, or at least more sustainable than yesterday. Let's be honest nothing changes overnight!

Sustainability. It’s a word that some use with ease and for others, it can immediately create anxiety. It brings on confusion, especially because it seems overwhelming to get started. 

The biggest questions are...
  • What changes can you make in your household that makes the most sense for your family? 
  • What will it cost? 
  • How time-consuming will it be
  • Is it worth it? 
  • Most importantly, does it really make a difference? 

The following are some small changes you can make that have minimal costs, and even when they do are worth the money!

They are not time-consuming and actually save you time in the long run. They are worth it and yes, you’re making a HUGE difference!

6 Starting Points to Sustainability:

1. Bulk Buying/Lessen Packaging Waste

Grocery stores have some of the highest amounts of waste. Both as it relates to actual food waste (some donate to shelters or soup kitchens) and also due to the packaging that encases much of the products. Some of the packagings can be recycled, some compostable or biodegradable but the majority are waste. 

As an alternative, and to lessen your own food waste, try buying in bulk. It doesn’t have to include everything in your pantry or fridge but start somewhere small. Find a local Whole Foods or a Cooperative in your area that has bulk offerings. Start with olive oil, honey, kombucha, coffee or even peanut butter. 

Locally sourced more often than not, what a great way to support local businesses!

They will likely also have grains, dried fruits, nuts, legumes, flours and the like. The quality will be good, the prices are dependent on how much (by weight, less the weight of the container) you purchase and you may find you spend less per week on needed items. 

Yes, it’s a bit more time consuming, but it also means that at the end of the week, your garbage will be lighter and less will end up in a landfill. There may even be options for cleaning products you can purchase in bulk as well! 

Bring your own reusable bags, and purchase your fruits and vegetable without packaging so you can lower your plastic use and it allows you to purchase only what you need, which also lowers waste of food! Way to go! If you’re at a Local Cooperative, they’ll probably have recipes available for cooking the items your purchasing! That’s a big win!

An additional note on food waste.

If you have food that has gone bad or would likely only end up in the garbage but you're not ready to purchase a composter you can source a 5 gallon bucket from a local restaurant or purchase one here (you may find this helpful to decrease the potential fragrances that eminate from the compost) to start your composting journey. Food will be waste no more and will provide nutrient dense goodness for your yard! 

Give it a try, you’ll be surprised at what you find! 

2. Re-Use Current Containers/Jars  

Most waste, recyclable or otherwise is from the packaging we already accumulate. Instead of throwing it away, or attempting to recycle it (depending on the rules in your area), reuse it. 

Use your yogurt and butter containers! I realize in that sentence I am channeling all of our grandparents but the truth is… it works. It’s cheaper and creates less waste than the Tupperware you’re likely to throw away (or lose!) anyway. Especially if other options for bulk purchasing are not available where you live.

Small jars for spices or leftover gravy or sauces. You can reuse small glass bottles for salad dressing on the go or old jars with droppers for skincare needs. I could go on, but you’ve likely got the gist. 

Plastic is plastic, but instead of buying more, use what you have until you have no choice but to recycle it, if that’s possible. Glass will be useful for years and easier to clean as well! Give it a try, and see how much space you save in your cupboards!

3. Use Sustainable Items: 

It’s very easy to use plastic cutlery, buying cases of water, take out containers or plastic wrap. Yes, a case of water is convenient, but that’s another 24 plastic bottles that will likely end up in the ocean. There are so many alternatives now that are biodegradable,  compostable and some are even edible! 

You can filter water at home with ease, with the purchase of a reusable water bottle of your choice that will last for years! You can also filter water at home using THIS instead of common pitchers, as they are likely also made of plastic.

Yes, in this case, it’s an investment but it takes plastic out of the equation, and due to its size, it’s perfect for emergency water needs. 

Alternatively, keep gallon jugs (with a twist off lid) if you have them, and clean them well. You can go to a local source to be filled with potable water. Great for emergencies, camping trips and another way to reuse the plastic you already have!

Additionally, refuse plastic cutlery when you get take-out, refuse straws at restaurants or bring your own, which you can find HERE. Refuse plastic bags at stores and bring your reusable bag with you, check Baggu for lots of options!

You could also take glass containers with you if you’re so inclined to take your unfinished meals in, instead of the plastic alternatives usually given. If you have a dinner party, ask that your guests bring their own to-go containers, or if you have a surplus of containers, offer those. Lessen the waste!

4. Skincare/Cleaning Products: 

There are so many options for skincare/cleaning products, but how many of those options have less than 6 ingredients?

Admittedly I’m ballparking here. But, really? How many?

Finding good skincare/cleaning products using natural ingredients isn’t difficult. With all different options, we have to pick something that works, and that’s often ye olde lemon, vinegar and salt….but I digress. Which means you could make your own of course!

However, if you are in the market for more sustainable products that don’t include a ton of ingredients you can look into WILD BRUJA, who make skincare products, or CleanCult that make cleaning products that work! You can source products from Whole Foods, or your local Co-op if you’d prefer to. 

Bulk options which may include skincare or cleaning products are made from natural ingredients or include small businesses utilizing sustainable techniques and ingredients.

There are many options for DIY skincare/cleaning solutions that work, so you can make your own deodorant, face wash, body wash or soaps (laundry detergent too!) if you’re so inclined. 

There are a lot more options and companies to support who make it their mission to utilize sustainable ingredients and practices.

Easy to try, cost-effective to make, and you’re making a difference! 

5. Recycle All The Things: 

Separate your garbage by having a recycling container in your kitchen so it’s right there whenever you need it, now you don’t have an excuse! 

If you have a garden, hold onto your good scrapes and start a compost heap/container. If you like making soups, stash your carrots/celery and onion ends (or chicken, beef bones) and freeze them until enough has accumulated for stock. Then place contents of the frozen bag into a crockpot, with water, seasonings and a bay leaf and voila, stock from scratch. 

Yes, it’s time-consuming, but if you set yourself up for success, it’s less money spent on extra ingredients. Side note, once stock is cooked, freeze in ice cube trays and store in your preferred manner (using these Stasher or Homelux bags ) in the freezer for future use!

Please note: Guidelines for what is recyclable in your area are different so spend the few minutes going here for your state's information.

6. Upcycle, Recycle or Reuse Clothes and Other Fabrics

Buying clothes makes a huge impact on our environment, from electricity, water, to chemical and other waste created after completing the garments.

These impacts are well-known and it makes a huge impact on our world if we are not more aware of it, and actively working to lower that impact.

So how can you lower your impact?

There are so many stores with marketing strategies about why you need this sweatshirt or that pair of pants. Frankly, a thrift store generally has a plethora of used items in good conditions, at prices that are laughable! You could buy a whole wardrobe for the cost of a t-shirt these days!

As an adult, let’s be honest here, we basically wear the same 10 pieces on a rotating schedule because those are the outfits we’re comfortable in and the rest just sit in our drawers or hangers like sad little memories of a day that has long since passed. 

Instead of throwing those items away, take them to a thrift store, or get a group of likeminded souls and do a clothes swap. Tear old t-shirts, pants and the like for cloth rags to use instead of paper towels to clean your home! 

Children grow like weeds, and wardrobes change within weeks. In this case, do a clothes swap for kids’ clothes.

Donate them to a domestic violence shelter or spend a few dollars on having torn clothes mended if they still fit. 

Make a patchwork quilt, use an old t-shirt to make a DIY tent for a furry friend or a DIY fabric banner to be used for parties!

The options are endless, and these items will last longer and fare better than any products made of paper!

So there you have it, 6 ways to start being more sustainable. Simpler than you thought, right? 

Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself! Your contribution will be bigger than you think! 

Take the pledge to break free from plastic and be more sustainable. Get started today!

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Look, we've all seen the commercials. Lose weight schemes, work out machines and supplements. They target people right after the holidays, okay, if I'm being honest they target their consumers every day.

But, there's a real push for business come the New Year, because people want to lose the holiday weight, or they've seen family members who are really fit and want to be too!

I know you've seen them too. The drastic weight loss pictures, the fancy workout machines (ahem, Peleton) or a new diet fab, hello Keto crazy posts all over social media. If we're being honest, all those things really do affect how we feel about ourselves and how we want to feel.

The problem is, that much of what is advertised is not a long term solution that is sustainable for many people. Right? It's money or time driven. No one has a lot of either these days. Unless you're the guy buying your wife a Peleton. In which case, sure, go for it. But for most of us (yes, I'm generalizing), it's a matter of what small changes we can make to better our health and well-being.

It's those changes that we stick to, and create positive progress.
So, what small changes do you want to make? Have you thought about it? If not, here are 3 ways to make changes in your day-to-day life that don't take much time and little money, if any at all!

1. Self-care​

I know, I know. It's everywhere. Self-care this, self-care that. But it's true. A bit of self-care can go a long way. Here's why. It not only makes you feel better in the body but also in mind.

I challenge you to give yourself 5-10 minutes (to start) in your day and do something for YOU! For no one else but yourself. Yes, I'm telling you to be selfish.

Especially for you new mom's out there! Do it! You deserve it. Take that long shower, drink that cup of coffee by yourself because we know it almost always goes cold before you can. There are quick meditations or yoga you can practice. Write down 5 things you're grateful for and stick it to your fridge. Take a short walk or just be in silence for a few minutes. Take a bath!

Whatever it might be for you. Make it happen.

Not only will you feel a bit more centered, but you may also find it's something that really helps. Worst case scenario, you have 5-10 minutes for yourself to maintain your sanity. We've all been there!

2.Accomplish something

Make it manageable and sustainable. Even if that means reading one book the whole year, stick to it! You have the power to accomplish so much. Yes, it's hard. If anyone tells you they accomplish everything they set out for the day, nevermind a year... well, we've got some overachievers over here, and perhaps we need to know what the heck they're doing. I bet it's a time machine or a time-turner (for the Harry Potter fans).

It doesn't have to be a physical change or even a monetary change. It could be that you want to be more organized, keep your kitchen tidy, do the dishes (new parents, I'm looking at you!) or just take the dog out for a long walk. A hike? Some quiet time with your partner? Maybe it's something even more simple, like making your bed. You decide.

The only rule is to keep doing it. Set your goal and stay consistent.

"Simple daily disciplines - little productive actions, repeated consistently over time - add up to the difference between failure and success." - Jeff Olson (The Slight Edge)

3. Ask for help

Yes, I said it. Ask for help. It's even harder than accomplishing something. As humans, we want to be independent. We don't want to rely on other people. We want to do it all.

That "do it all" mentality often comes at a price. One's mental, physical or emotional health pays those ransoms more often than not.

I know what you're thinking. I can't ask for help, it will mean I'm not strong enough, or that I look weak. But the truth is, struggling makes you weaker. Literally. It doesn't make you look weak, it wears you down. It increases your ability to make everything look perfect, but at the price of your well-being and that is just not on. And frankly, no one is perfect.

​You're welcome to read that sentence again because it's the truth. Perfection doesn't exist. Because we are all human, and all of us struggle with all the same issues, no matter how we try to hide it.

So, let's work on it. What do you say? I'm in. Are you?

Again, we're going for sustainable and manageable. I know, I'm a broken record. So here are some examples…

Have kids? Ask a friend to carpool with you and make morning or afternoon pick-ups easier. Need a break from dinner prep because of a fussy baby? Ask your partner to help, or pick nights that you don't have to cook and it's their responsibility. Having a rough day, confide in a friend, and go get a coffee so you can chat in a neutral setting with a delicious treat!

If your mental health needs a lift, find a good therapist. They're out there. You'll find the one that fits you. Or talk to a trusted friend, and ask for support. If your physical health is in need of a little nudge, talk to your doctor. They'll be glad you did. And if your emotional health needs some love, make time for a night with your favorite people, and play a silly board game or have a movie night!

Need a favor, ask for it. One day, you'll be able to help that person with something they need, and they will feel less embarrassed because they know you're there for them like they were for you.

Be open. Be honest and don't feel embarrassed because you need help. We're all in this together. This human race thing was created to be one big community. So let's do that, let's work towards helping each other. Your mental and physical wellness will thank you. I promise.

This seems like a lot. Changes that are so often foreign to us, and are the simplest things we can do for ourselves, our friends and those we love most in the world. Our health and well-being are paramount. There are so many so-called "solutions" on how you should work-out, manage your mental health, physical and emotional health it can feel like you're drowning.

So let's start with these. 

This year is already off to a crazy and rocky start in so many parts of the world, let's focus on making your little slice of it a little more manageable.

Ready to rock 2020? Let's do it!